Motorhome Excess cover

Motorhome Excess Protection

You are covered for an amount equal to the excess in relation to each settled claim on your main personal motorhome insurance policy up to the annual aggregate limit of your XS policy in respect of fault-based claims arising from a motor insurance claim.

Cover is for a personally owned motorhome which is registered at your home address, and does not exceed 3.5 tonnes, of which you are the owner or which you are authorised to drive.

This Personal Motorhome Excess policy covers one privately owned motorhome only.

Cover is provided for the reimbursement of the excess of your motorhome insurance policy following a settled claim whilst being used for:

  • social, domestic pleasure and commuting to and from your place of business.
  • business use class 3, which means where you and your named drivers are authorised drivers using the vehicle for business, to solicit orders and deliver pre-purchased goods but not as a taxi. This includes sales representatives, consultants and agents and anyone else who uses the vehicle to travel from customer to customer for commercial business use.

You are also covered where you have been unsuccessful in recovering the excess cost from a third party within six months of making a valid claim against them under your main insurance policy.

Cover benefit options available range between £250 - £2000.