🔑 Key Insurance

Damaging, loosing or having your keys stolen could prove to be a very expensive incident. With todays advanced technologies, replacing one vehicle key alone can cost in excess of £380.00.


Nice 1 Key Protect provides cover up to £1,500 per year in the event that any insured keys are accidentally lost, stolen or accidentally damaged. Features of this cover is:

  • Locksmith Charges (up to £50.00 per key)
  • New Locks including reprogramming of immobilisers, infrared handsets and alarms which are attached to the insured key(s) at the time of the insured event but are not integral to an insured key
  • Replacement Keys including any immobiliser, infra-red handset and/or alarm which is integral to any Insured Key (maximum 2 keys per lock, per claim)
  • Onward Transport Costs if you have no access to your motor vehicle while away from your home due to lost, stolen or broken insured keys (maximum £75.00 per day)
  • Vehicle Hire if you are unable to use your motor cycle/motor vehicle due to the loss or theft of your Insured Keys (up to £40.00 per day/maximum 3 days)
  • Accommodation Costs hotel or accommodation costs if you have no access to your home (up to a maximum of £120.00 per insured event)
  • £20.00 reward a reward of £20.00 to the finder of your lost keys