Tools in Transit

The likelihood is that you are interested in Tools In Transit insurance because you are a specialist contractor that relies on your collection of tools for your livelihood. In short, without your tools, you cannot work and, replacing a collection amassed over years can be exceptionally expensive.

Unfortunately, the majority of Contractors All Risks insurance policies only cover your tools if they are stolen whilst locked away in a secure storage facility such as a lock-up or garage, at night.


This means that your tools may not be covered:

  • if they are stolen from your vehicle during the day,
  • for damage or loss as a result of a road traffic accident,
  • If tools are stolen when locked in the vehicle when working away.

Tools In Transit insurance is designed to cover the shortfalls associated with existing business insurances and will replace your tools in the three scenarios above for you and your employees.

It covers portable tools and tool kits or test equipment connected with the business owned by or hired by you, even if loss or damage occurs during loading and unloading.

This policy must be purchased within 14 days of you buying or renewing your principal business insurance. Please take time to read the product IPID, Policy Wording and FAQ’s to ensure that this product meets your needs.